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The questions in the following statements will describe your perception of environmental initiatives in your company. Please indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statement by checking a score according to the following scale;

Strongly Disagree Somewhat Disagree Disagree Uncertain Agree Somewhat Agree Strongly Agree
Our company effort in green management and environmental initiatives has significantly reduced waste within the production process.
Our company effort in green management and environmental initiatives has significantly improved product quality.
Our manager encouraging us to work more environmentally friendly (e.g: by making double-sided photocopies, powering down computers after few minutes of inactivity, using energy efficient bulbs
Our company has developed Environment Management System to promote Green HRM concept in the company.
Our company does not have formal or informal system for implementing Green HRM yet but is planning to develop a system.
Our company has developed intensive managerial processes which identifies measure and control the environmental impacts.
Our company offering recycling program for office products (eg: paper, Styrofoam, plastic, glass, cans).
I use back paper, plastic, glass and cans which can still be used for work purpose.
Our company donating/ discounting used office furniture/ supplies to employees or local charity (eg: set up a re-use area where employees can take unneeded supplies/ materials rather than throwing the
Our company using energy efficient lighting systems and equipment (eg: occupancy sensors, energy saving bulbs, energy saving equipment, changing from desktops to laptops).
Our company installing automatic shut-off for equipment.
Our company buying or leasing refurbished goods (eg: refurbished toner cartridges; copiers, printers, fax machines, retread tires, re-refined oil).
Our company put effort to prevent pollution by proposing several pollution prevention programs.
I am encouraged by the company to prevent pollution.
Our company takes part in any pollution prevention activity organized by government agencies, non-government organizations and others.
Our company partnering with environmentally friendly suppliers/ companies.
Our company is participating in or sponsoring project/ events in the community to improve the environment (eg: a trash pick-up day, plant-a-tree day, fundraiser for local nature preserve).
The company has a formal green management environmental responsibility policy.
Green management and environmental initiatives is the important aspect that is focuses in the company.
The employees have got enough training/education about green management and environmental initiative policy.
Employee are responsible to take initiatives in green management and environmental initiatives at the workplace.
The employees are volunteering to operate in a more environmentally in the organization.
The organizations demonstrated their commitment to environmental responsibility by including their environmental responsibility efforts in their organizations’ newsletters and/or publications.
The employees always minimizing pollution (eg: emissions to air/water from your production) as an effort to green management and environmental initiatives.
The employees had shown the high awareness in green management responsibility and environmental initiatives
The company always encourages campaign to the employee to build better application in environmental policy.
The employees will show high interest to apply the right green management and environmental policy in the organization.
Our company concerns about community health and make sure company’s operation does not harm society.
Our company handles complaints from publics especially those related to their health efficiently.
Our company openly shares environmental information with society and neighbors.
Our company supports community health programs by donating funds and participates in the events.
Our company minimizes water conservation by reducing water consumption used for cooling down the production machines.
Our company has built an on-site water treatment infrastructure that produces highly purified water for use in the production process.
Our company implements wastewater reuse program to reduce the need for well water.
Our company stress employees to not pollute or contribute to water pollution.
Our company privately recycles and treats the solid wastes that were being produced by production department according to what is stipulate by regulations.
Our company provides disposal facility to dispose solid wastes produced by the production department.
I am aware with the fact that our company is actively involved in solid wastes reduction effort.
Our company does not involve in illegal dumping.
Our company engages in electronics wastes recycling activities.
Our company concerns about electronics waste management and put efforts to manage the waste effectively.
Our company does not simply throw away electronic wastes at public areas.
Our company aware and realize that throwing away electronic wastes without proper treatment will give bas effects to society.
Our company use environmental protection equipment in production processes to ensure workers health and safety.
Our company puts a great concern on workers safety and health.
Medical benefits and facilities are provided by our company should any worker involves in any injury during working or caused by the works.
I am satisfied with our company’s policy on worker health and safety.

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